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Maserati Ghibli GT 1999 2.0 Biturbo 336 Bhp 74.000km

The Maserati Ghibli comes from the evolution of the Biturbo engines from the 1980's and is the car that a real Maserati should always be.
The Ghibli Gt was first introduced in 1996 and is the evolution of the Ghibli ABS. 
The new car came with new 17" wheels, new wind mirrors in order to avoid aerodynamic sounds in high speed and all the bits and pieces included to the Ghibli Cup and the car that was raced in success at the Maserati Ghibli Open Cup championship.
In reality 1996 is a year that will remain in the history of Maserati. It is the year where the company is going under the management of the most serious company in the business which is no other than Ferrari.
The Ghibli GT remains a car which is hand built and based on a tubular chassis directly from the races. The old gearbox is replaced with a 6 speed Getrag and the rear axle with the advanced Ferrari 456 including the differential. 
The electronic adjustable suspension is improved to handle the brilliant 6 cylinder V90 Biturbo masterpiece which is now producing a stratospheric for its 2.0 cubic capacity 336BHP. Instead of using the common Garret turbos that we meet on the previous unstable and problematic engines, Maserati uses its knowledge and combines it with the Japanese reliable IHI turbos.
The result is a car friendly to its driver which can become a weapon on the race track. This was proven when the appointed chief development test driver and ex Grand Prix and touring car racing champion Gabrielle Tarquini set a race between the Ghibli GT and a Ferrari F355 and both cars did the same time on the track with Tarquini behind the wheel of both cars.
The Ghibli GT was produced in only 166 cars when the total production of the Ghibli models was a bit more than 1.000 cars including the Ghibli Open Cup cars.
These 166 cars are considered to be the best hand-built cars ever made by Maserati.
In 1999 the production stopped and the factory went to a different direction with the creation of higher numbers of industrial production introduced with the Maserati 3200GT so that makes the Ghibli GT the last old school hand built grand tourer.
Our car is finished in Silver (Grizio Maserati) colour combined with Conoly interior which is preserved in perfect condition throughout. 
Unlike other Ghiblis the specific car has been seen only one owner in its life who imported the car to Greece directly from Italy. The servicing of the car was made with Modena Engineering in Athens which is the official Maserati service of Trident Cars Maserati, Greece.
With low milliage on the clock the Ghibli has benefited from the chain service on 72.000km as instructed by Maserati and all the cam-belts were also replaced. The car has also benefited from another large service after it was purchased by Veloce Classic and Sports, London, which was the fuel pump replacement, a complete service to the IHI turbos and replacement of all the rubber babes of the Air-conditioning system plus other minor replacements.
Due to a noise on the hydraulic steering wheel pump it was decided to purchase a brand new one and replace it. The total cost of those repairs was 2.700euros.
The only ugly part of the car which was the steering wheel was also replaced by an original brand new Nardi 90 with the rare Maserati horn button to a cost of 1.500euros.
The engine today runs smoothly and is powerful as when the car was new, the tires are also in very good condition and have only covered 2.000 km, the electronic suspension has also been maintained and is in great shape with all the four scales in working order.

General Specifications

  • Year built: 1999
  • Engine: 2000

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