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Formed out of passion for historic and collectors automobiles, VELOCE CLASSIC & SPORTS is dedicated to the classic and Sports car enthusiast.



"We do not own a vintage car...we are just care takers for a certain period of time. Veloce Classic and Sports Cars, London will offer you the oportunity to experience some of the finest automobiles in the world."

I've always been fascinated by vintage cars. This fascination, combined with my passion and desire, has developed into a global business.

For enthusiasts like us, a classic car is so much more than just a means to get from 'A' to 'B'. A classic car is a nostalgic statement, a way of life. Like a Time Machine, a classic car transports you back to immortal memories. Remember dreaming about these cars in old magazines, posters, and films? Remember James Bond's Aston Martin DB5, Steve MacQueen's Ford Mustang in "Bullit", Kris Kristofferson's Ferrari Daytona in "A Star Is Born", Jason King's Maserati Ghibli or the iconic Lamborghini Miura in "The Italian Job"?

At VELOCE CLASSIC & SPORTS, LONDON we not only source the most desirable classic cars; we keep their memory alive. Whether its sourcing or restoration, we'd be honoured to share this passion with you - as we do with enthusiasts world-wide.

Dimitrios Spyropoulos
Managing Director
Veloce, Classic and Sports.


Investing in classic cars is arguably the best way to combine your passion with a great investment.

  1. Your capital is secure. At VC&C we will assist you with a realistic and experienced approach.
  2. Quick after-purchase re-sale, guaranteeing your investment.
  3. Out-perform most forms of investment on a yearly basis. (The HAGI Classic Car Index has risen by 64% in the last two years)
  4. Have you ever made a financial investment that will bring to you future profit, continuous pleasure and of course the respect and compliments from other people?


There is a lot to check on a classic vehicle before the purchase. We are here to assist you on this on all levels.

  1. Professional inspection of the car for visible or concealed rust as well as traces of past accidents.
  2. Certification of the mechanical conditions of the car and eventual modifications or upgrades.
  3. Legal background history checkup.


Restoration and maintenance of your classic car preserves it's value and it's condition. But this can sometimes be a complex and tricky issue. To some collectors, a restoration project may initially seem viable - only to prove itself to be extremely difficult and highly expensive. Collectors end up buying a vehicle in need of partial or even total restoration. Consequently, they are financially 'bled dry'.

However, we at VELOCE CLASSIC & SPORTS carefully plan the restoration process if necessary, and all spare parts are sourced in advance. In this way, costs can be fixed, reducing the risk of any unpleasant surprises. The first step, of course, is to find the right car for you. We evaluate your prospective classic car to make sure it represents value for money. If a partial or total restoration is needed, we discuss a Restoration Schedule with you, adhering to strict deadlines and precise budgeting.

You have peace of mind in knowing that this process is done with the assistance of the best professionals in the Classic Car world. Needless to say, we document and photograph the whole restoration process, thus ensuring the top value of your classic car.


We also offer Insurance and Finance assistance and management, world-wide Transport Management and any other need you and your car might have from viewing to purchase and after.
We gladly maintaned long and friendly relationships with most of our clients.


Please contact us for our special deal packages, like some of the most illustrious Dealers and Auction Houses have done already.


We specialize in sourcing or selling your classic car collection. If you are selling your vehicles, we evaluate each car individually . We offer a technical inspection, cleaning, polishing, valeting, detailing, professional photography and archiving of documents, all to the highest standards. In this way, we guarantee the best presentation of your vehicles so that they achieve the best prices for you. If, however, you're looking to acquire a classic car collection, we are here to help you every step of the way.


Veloce Classic and Sports Cars, London has stepped foreward with a becoming a Business associate with Coys of Kensignton Auctions. After the first successful Auction organised in Athens, Greece in June 2013, Veloce Classic and Sports will auction with Coys the Automobile Museum Stainz (Karl Ritter Collection) in Graz Austria in October 2013. In the meanwhile the preperation of the 2014 Auction in Athens Greece will begin.

If you own a car or a collection please contact us in order to arrange an evaluation and suggest to you the best way of bringing your car to the market. Ended March 2016 with the change of management at Coys of Kensington.


Advertising a vintage car is not always the best way to sell your car. This in many cases can be proofed disastrous fr your cars value if the presentation is not correct or the correspondance is insuficient.

At Veloce Classic and Sports cars LTD we have a wide range of a client database that we first offer the car without advertising it. The offers we get are always better then those that a vintage car can get to the open market. This way also the vendor is protected from any fraud buyers and internet criminal activities. Your car is your property and means a lot to you. We will detail your car, picture it with a professional photographer and give it its best value.


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