Lamborghini Miura ONASSIS-KOKOTAS

During the years in this business (not more than 9 as I am in my 30's) I have discovered brilliant, astonishing cars and one of them was the Lamborghini Miura that I am offering to you today. Actually these pictures were taken by me personally and are copyrighted so please do not copy and spread around. The car has an interesting history. It was given as a present to Stamatis Kokotas (a famous 60's Greek singer) according to his personal testimony, from Aristotle Onassis. Back in those days Onassis liked the singing of Kokotas and Kokotas was also a race car driver so really cars was his no1 choice. The car suffered an engine breakdown during the mid 70's, was stored at the Hilton Athens underground garage and stayed there until the Hotel closed for reconstruction in 2003 in order to prepare for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The car was then moved to another garage and is sitting there since that time. Next to it was a wrecked Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing that sold to San Francisco in August 2011. Now i have this car for sale as well and hope that she will find a new home soon. I had many low offers for the car, but I know that a car like this has a high value...basically because people love projects and also because people love history. So this is a good complete project with a good historic background and one owner for many many many years. A brilliant car really!!! Now the engine. As I wrote earlier, the engine broke down and soon, it was sent out to Lamborghini St Agata in order to be rebuilt. The owner lost interest, bought new modern cars and the engine stayed there and today is on display by the St Agata Lamborghini Museum. The museum will give the engine back for a price that will be included in the deal and the engine will be completely overhauled by the Lamborghini factory.This is one of the very few (if any more left actually in this world) Lamborghini Miura restoration projects.


Regards Dimitrios Spyropoulos.

Managing Director

Veloce Classic and Sports Cars Ltd, London.


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